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Glass in Flight is a traveling art and science sculpture exhibit featuring over 21 steel and Dalle de Verre glass sculptures of gigantic, realistic insects. Created by Alex Heveri, each sculpture captures the essence of flight. Sunlight through the colored glass mimics the transparency and iridescence of insect wings, intensifying the illusion of movement and life. All dragonflies and some butterflies are mounted on 12-foot-tall poles, making these towering, glittering sculptures informative, engaging and simply enchanting.


Glass in Flight had an extraordinarily successful debut at Tucson Botanical Gardens. Alex and her art were on local TV and featured in Tucson Lifestyles Magazine, Lapidary Journal’s Jewelry Artist Magazine and Arizona Attorney magazine. Glass in Flight is guaranteed to generate positive publicity and media attention everywhere it alights...

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"Alex's ability to capture light through her method of working with glass, along with attention to creative detail, provides wonderful programming opportunities.” 

       ~ Michelle Conklin, Director, Tucson Botanical Gardens


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“I was mesmerized by the beauty of these sculptures glittering in the sun. I have never seen anything like it.”

“Just jaw-dropping. I can’t wait to come back and bring my friends."

“We especially love the More Bees, Please entrance arch, and are hoping it can become a part of the [Tucson Botanical] Gardens forever.”

"These sculptures make you feel a sense of complete wonder. I felt like a little kid." 

“This glass artist is the next Dale Chihouley.”

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Butterflies are the planet’s best-loved insects. With their spectacular wings and fluttering flight paths, butterflies have the added mystery of their origins—a caterpillar turns into a chrysalis and then magically transforms into a vivid symbol of hope and rebirth.

Alex Heveri’s charming butterflies bring these beautiful creatures up close and personal in a way never before experienced. Hundreds of pieces of hand-cut Dalle de Verre glass were individually set into hand-fashioned, welded steel frames to make these vibrant sculptures truly unique and exciting.

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Heveri’s glittering, lifelike flying dragons perch atop 12’ high steel stands and appear ready to zoom off at any moment. Whether backlit with sunlight or illuminated at night, these magnificent, realistic sculptures enchant   everyone who experiences them. 
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This magnificent, arched interpretation of a beehive features hand-cut Dalle de Verre glass hexagons individually set into an intricate, hexagonal, welded steel framework. Surmounting the archway are fifteen enormous, friendly honeybees, hard at work.

As with all of Heveri’s work, light is integral to the experience of More Bees, Please! Depending on the time of day, different panels are backlit with varying intensity, keeping this sculpture feeling vibrant and alive.

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At 14’ high and 8’ wide, this walk-through, beehive archway is the perfect introduction to the Glass in Flight exhibit.

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In a marked departure from the realism of the rest of Alex Heveri’s Glass in Flight exhibit, the four beetles are displayed on terra firma, and look as though they will transform into popular sci-fi creatures at any moment. Especially beloved by children, these friendly insects are just waiting for admirers of all ages.


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Alex Heveri is a Tucson-based artist, attorney and sculptor who has been creating enormous steel and glass structures for over 25 years.

Glass in Flight represents more than three years of solo work. Her massive Dalle de Verre glass and steel sculptures of life-like bees, butterflies, beetles and dragonflies, some towering 12 feet high, together weigh more than 10,000 pounds. The 21 sparkling, realistic sculptures were all conceived, designed, cut, assembled and welded together by the artist herself. 

Alex and her artworks have been featured in Tucson Lifestyle Magazine, Arizona Attorney magazine and Jewelry Artist Magazine. She has won numerous art contests, awards and public art commissions, and her work appears in galleries and private collections.

Heveri’s love of the beauty and complexity of insects  is apparent in every piece, as is her impressive command of two notoriously dangerous and unforgiving mediums: steel and glass.

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