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Glass in Flight Limited  (no brochure)

Solooooo swallow copy.png

Glass in Flight Limited represents a more affordable but still exceptional exhibit. Eighteen glittering, steel and glass  insects and birds created by nationally known artist, Alex Heveri, make an impressive showing for any garden or zoo. Exhibit includes:


  • Blue Butterfly Bench

  • 6 ft. Dragonfly

  • 6 ft. Dragonfly

  • Large Praying Mantis

  • Burnet Moth

  • Chorinea Butterfly

  • Adult Hummingbird

  • Baby Hummingbird

  • Baby Hummingbird

  • Butterfly Arch

  • 5 Monarch Butterflies (on arch)

  • Beehive with 2 Bees

  • Red-and-Black Ants (2)


                    TOTAL PIECES:    18

NOTE: Image sizes are not relative. Not all pieces are shown here.
Solooooo swallow copy.png
Bee hive
Praying Mantis
Burnet Moth
Baby Hummingbirds
Chorinea butterfly
Limited Multi dragonfly.jpg
Blue butterfly bench
 Bee Cell 
black and red ant psh 1.jpg
Red and black ant
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