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Alex Heveri is a Tucson-based artist, attorney and sculptor who has been creating enormous steel and glass structures for more than 25 years.

The trio of Glass in Flight exhibits represent more than 4 years of solo work. Her massive Dalle de Verre glass and steel sculptures of life-like bees, butterflies, birds, beetles and dragonflies, some towering 12 feet high, together weigh more than 50,000 pounds. The sparkling, realistic sculptures were all conceived, designed, cut, assembled and welded together by the artist herself. 

Alex and her artworks have been featured in magazines and videos. She has won numerous art competitions, awards and public art commissions, and her work appears in galleries, public venues and private collections around America.

Heveri’s love of the beauty and complexity of nature in general and insects in particular can be summed up in the new words, “biophilia,” and “entomophilia,”  or “love of life” and “love of insects.” Coined by the amazing people at eButterfly, these two terms illustrate a new approach to the human/insect interface. This attitude of love of life and love of insects  is apparent in every sculpture, as is her impressive command of two notoriously dangerous and unforgiving mediums: steel and glass.

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"Alex Heveri's ability to capture light through her method of working with glgass, along with attention to detail, provides wonderful programming opportunities {for public venues}."

                 ~ Michelle Conklin, Director

                    Tucson Botanical Gardens


 Click to see more art by Alex Heveri!


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